"Family ties are bound by love"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clearfield's Homecoming

I am getting behind/lazy in blogging. So forgive me for not posting the cute "asking and answering to the dance" pictures. ( I didn't even take any~ I'm a horrible mother!)
Anyway, getting back on track~ let me introduce you to Halen Strong. A few weeks ago, he doorbell ditched leaving behind a jar of red hots, a cooler full of dry ice steaming all over the porch, red balloons and a poster that read" "Mckena, Will you go to Homecoming with a STEAMING HOT, "STRONG" FALCON friend? Mckena had an idea who it was, but she had to pop the balloons to make sure and to spell out his name. H -A-L-E-N.
She answered him by writing Yes, I think it would be "COOL" to go with you to Homecoming on a t-shirt. She then got it wet and folded it up as small as she could, froze it and then filled a cooler with ice and stuck the shirt in the middle of the ice with a poster that read: Halen... since your so "Strong" crack open the shirt to find your answer. Love Mckena

Now that your up to speed.. Here is pictures from yesterday.

The day date was going boating! Off they go.
Mckena and Hadlee Barlow

The whole group :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mckena is .... 18!

Birthday? Who has time for a birthday? Mckena left for dance/school at 6:15 a.m. Went to school, ortho at 11:00, then after school had technique until 4, was suppose to go to work from 6-8 but got out of it so we could at least go to dinner. Rich was in St. George for work, so it was just the 3 of us. As we got home, a few friends had stopped by to celebrate the day.. so we managed to squeeze in a small birthday celebration. :) I actually felt like a was in a live taping of The Bachelorette! Notice the ratio of boys to girls that stopped by. But actually I can't blame them, as her mom, I am a little partial, but here is 18 reasons we love Mckena
1. She is so fun to be around 2. She is loves life and finds joy in all she does. 3. She is herself.. note her cheesy grin and fancy birthday attire.... hehe
4. She is a true friend. 5. She is honest. 6. She is thoughtful of others feelings.
Kena and Markie
7. She has a testimony. 8. She makes us laugh. 9. She cleans really good!
(Ryan, Kena, & Jordan. Jordan asked Mckena to Homecoming)
10. She keeps her word. 11. She is a good example 12. She is respectful
(Jake, Rhett, Kena and Ben)
13. She has high standards. 14. She is President of Dance Line
(Chelsey, Taylor, Erin, Kena, & Shaylen ~DL friends)
15. She loves her family. 16. She is an amazing big sister
(Kenlee, Kena & Shayla)
(Mckena & Dayne)
(Phillip, Brandon, Frankie)
(Spencer, Kena & Kavika)
17. She can sing and play the guitar. 18. She is an amazing dancer!
(Mckena serenading her guests)
Happy Birthday beautiful Mckena! We love you ")