"Family ties are bound by love"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Angels Among Us ~April 27th

Tornados all over Alabama and Mississippi, but thankfully for now all missionaries are safe and accounted for. The closest one to Elder Franklin was about 59 miles away. Some Elders have been moved to safer areas. We are so thankful that he is safe! President Holzapfel is keeping us updated about every 6 hours. He is wonderful and doing all he can to take care of those in his charge.

Also, Mckena and Shayla tried out on for the Syracuse High Dance Line. I am happy to report that they both made it! Mckena was chosen as President. They drew numbers to find out what order they would tryout with. Shay drew #18 and Mckena drew #2o which put them in the same group! What are the chances of that? They are both excited to spend next year dancing and spending choice time together.

And also today was our dear Chelsea's birthday. We can't help but feel her love and watchful care as she was with all of us today in one way or another. We had so many wonderful friends and family members remember her this day and that means the world to us!
For a day that started out very emotional and rough, we ended the day knowing that there truly are angels among us, in more ways than one!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Music to my Ears

Chelsea, Brooke, Heidi

Yesterday we we were able to attend the Homecoming of one of Chelsea's dearest friends Brooke Evans. She had a wonderful mission and shared with me some experiences and testified to me that there were many times she felt Chelsea's spirit. She said she knew that Chels was there testifing and touching hearts along with other unseen beings as she worked in the Trail Center talking about Pioneers and those who had gone on before us. I could have listened to her talk for hours, and wanted to hear more, but I was not the only one there to welcome her home.
Pioneer Trek
Chelsea has a testimony of the Pioneers

April 2007 in Arizona over Spring Break

There was also another friend of Chelsea's attending the homecoming with his mom. He introduced me as, "This is Chelsea's mom." That is a title I have not heard in a while, but I will gladly hold it forever!

Mother/Daugher "make over your mom" YW night

Girls Camp ~ Chelsea's first year

This month brings those darn outburst of heartache and tears as we both celebrate her birthday and mourn her loss. But the GOSPEL IS TRUE, and I am so thankful for the gospel the blessings of ETERNAL LIFE. Because of the Gospel I was able and am still able to experience so many special times with her. So with that, you can see why all these things were MUSIC TO MY EARS!