"Family ties are bound by love"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Growing Family

13 adults +21 kids +1 angel + 1 photographer + 34 opinions = a difficult task!
But also a family I am blessed to be a part of.
A few weeks ago we thought we better get a family photo while we were all at home. Nicolle would be leaving in a few days to serve in the Korea mission. So here we are... one big happy family.
Being the married to the oldest in the family, it has been fun to watch this family grow. To see each one meet and marry their spouse, to see each little one born into this world brings cherished memories.
 Hard to believe this all began when 2 people fell in love :) Thank you mom and dad!
 kids and spouses
 My family...
Family pictures are still difficult for me, because they feel incomplete. I know it might sound crazy, but I actually know she is there in the picture somehow, we just can see her with our earthly eyes. It is those tender mercies that bring me comfort. I feel her very near to us, and part of our lives, for which feel forever grateful and do not take for granted. But for now.. this is my family of what you see. 
Rich~ the love of my life and very best friend
Me~ the mother and wife to this crew
Mckena~ college girl, loving life and dancing for UVU
TJ~ working and deciding what he wants to be when he grows up
Shayla~ the baby, yet mature beyond her years. 
And there shall my joy be!