"Family ties are bound by love"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the Season

Our yearly tradition of going to find and cut the perfect Christmas tree was altered a bit this year. We headed up the day after Thanksgiving (like always) to the same location only to find nothing but overgrown and quite honestly ugly trees. So we found another spot on the mountain top that allows you to search and cut your own as well. They were far more expensive, but we thought if we find one, it would be worth it, because it is all about the experience anyway. But still.... no luck. So we decided to head back in town and find your traditional Christmas tree lot, but they were not quite read and told us to come back on Sat. Well that is not our tree day... the day after Thanksgiving is. So we continued on our search. We were getting hungry, because as tradition goes, we cut our tree, tie it on the roof, (Christmas Vacation style,) and we go out to eat for breakfast. So we thought lets go eat and get a new game plan. On our way to the restaurant, we passed Home Depot with the most beautiful fresh trees! At first we all thought... hmmmmph we cant get our tree at Home Depot... after all.....how festive is that? But we pulled in the parking lot, got out, started to look, and within minutes all agreed on a tree, and the price was better than on the mountain! Then the friendly little elf workers cut the end off, wrapped it up, placed it on the roof of the car, and we were singing fa la la la la, la la la la! )We concluded that although it is so fun to go "hunt and cut" the tree that it's really just the fun tradition of being together, going to breakfast and spending the day together as family that we really love most. :)