"Family ties are bound by love"

Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Chapter


Yes, its true! My third child, is the first to get married. This post is about 5 weeks overdue, but we have been a bit busy planning a wedding! It has been so much fun, and our goal from the beginning was to not get stressed, have fun, make it simple but great, and enjoy every minute of it! And as of today, we have done just that!
Trevor and Mckena met at UVU. They had class together 2nd semester. Trevor finally got the nerve up to ask for her number and they went on their first date in January, and were pretty much inseparable from then on.
We had a family reunion trip planned for the first week of June to St. George. Mckena invited Trevor to come with us. Well the week prior, Trevor asked for his permission to marry Mckena,  (Earned big points with Rich on that one... it has not been easy for him to think of letting his little girl go) and told us he wanted to propose in St. George. It was a perfect set up! He took her to the top of Dixie Rock and she found a trail of red jewel hearts. (She did not know they were for her) they followed them up which led to candles in the shape of a big heart, and their song was playing! Then she caught on it was for her!! He then of course said sweet words to her about why he loved her, then got down on one knee (yes adorable)pulled the ring from his pocket and proposed!! She was crying the whole time, tears of joy and excitement. She quickly said yes, and we came out from our hiding spots to share in this special moment!!
We are so happy for them, and we couldn't love Trevor any more than we already do! They are so in love and have some wonderful goals that will keep them right on track! I could not be more thrilled that she has found someone worthy to take her to the Temple~ a goal she has always had. Those are the mom moments we pray come to pass.
The big day is August 16th!! Super quick right?! They wanted to get married before school starts again, and so ready set GO!! The Bountiful Temple is where they will be getting married and then the reception will be at my dear sister in laws backyard in Bountiful that evening. So we have been planning, DIY'ing and shopping ever since June 6th, and loving every minute of it!!
Hopefully I will be better at keeping up with these fun events in the next few weeks but no promises.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chelsea's Angel Day #6

Today is the day we refer to as Chelsea's Angel day, rather than the day she passed away. A few months back we heard this song, and as we listened to the words, memories filled our minds, tears filled our eyes, and peace filled our hearts.
As these anniversary dates approach, it comes with some extra sensitivity, and emotions. It has been 6 years today that she returned home. I'm not sure it gets any easier, I think we just learn how to cope better. So to help us cope this year, we decided to do our own type of therapy and put a video together to that song.

...Dedicated to our oldest daughter Chelsea Franklin, and also to our dear friends who have lost a loved one.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Silver Wedding Anniversary

A lot of things have changed in 25 years!!

              March 22, 1988                                    ~                              March 22, 2013

Moved 12 times
10 jobs
4 apartments
4 houses
4 dogs
4 kids
2 businesses
1 angel
1 missionary
1 college student
1 eternal love

Choosing to marry this guy 25 years ago, was the best decision I have ever made! He is the best husband I could ask for. We were talking the other night, and asked the question, if we would have know what lied ahead of us, would we make the same decision again? And the answer for both of us was YES! We know it is because through it all we have been by each others side and have relied on the Lord as part of our marriage. I am so thankful for our Temple marriage and feel blessed to be worthy of such a good man who took me to the Temple.
We had hoped of taking some big extravagant trip somewhere, but it just hasn't worked out. But that is not what matters. What matters is our marriage has worked out, and for that I am grateful!! Who knew that after just 19 days of dating, a proposal and a 6 month engagement would bring us to this? Heavenly Father did... and I am glad we were both listening.
I love you today and forever Rich Franklin! 
Happy 25th 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prom 2013

Adam asked Shayla to Prom. She has been so excited to go, and has been doing all the fun girl stuff preparing for it. And today was the day!
They started the day off by going to Flo-rider. As much as I wanted to tag along and watch, I figured I better not. So here is the two of them before they left.
 Shay and proud dad. :) Not sure he wants to let his baby grow up.

 The girls :)
 Fun/awkward pictures at the museum!

I can't get over how cute these two are! Had to be the best looking couple there... well ok, I may be just a bit prejudice.
Fun times and I am so glad that she gets to create these memories!Fl

Monday, February 4, 2013

State Drill Comp

I know what you are thinking... not another dance post! Well, it is a huge part of our life so it is what it is...
Friday Feb 1st was the State Drill Comp. The top 4 teams from each Region qualify to go. Being Region champs...Syracuse qualified... obviously :) It is always down at UVU in the UCCU building with the UVU dancers hosting it. So you know what that means right? It was a double pleasure for me. Got to watch Shayla compete, and then as a bonus, the UVU dancers (aka Mckena) performed between each category. It was fun for Mckena as she was introduced being from Syracuse, how our crowd yelled and supported her.
 Mckena and Camille
Mckena and Melissa
 It was a tough comp this year, and I felt like those darn Salt Lake schools deserved the win. Syracuse danced well, but not well enough to place in the top 5... they took 6th place overall.
State Champs: Copper Hills (finally defeating Bingham who were 7 time champs)
2nd: Bingham
3rd: Brighton
4th: Lone Peak
5th: Hunter                              
                                          Janci, Kenlee, and Shayla
                                         Ashley, Janci, Kenlee, Shayla, Emily, and Bailee
                                          Mckena and Shayla
                                         2012/13 Dance Line
I can not say enough about our great coach! The girls had such great sportsmanship, and hugged and congratulated Copper Hills. They held their heads high, and were not defeated by this loss. They were in great spirits, and all the juniors and sophomores were hungry to become better and already motivated to know what it feels like to be State champs, and said..."Lets do that next year, and do whatever it takes!" Love it!
                              These cute girls have been dancing together for about 9 years!
                                         The boys came to support too!
 On another note.. both my girls seem to be a little love struck right now. I think is is adorable but Rich.... not so much! Mr. protective dad has his guard up. But I'm always a sucker for young love/crushes...so I think they are both darling!
                                          Adam and Shayla     
                                          Trevor and Mckena

Thursday, January 24, 2013


They did it once, they did it twice, and the third time was just as nice!!
Syracuse Dance Line won their 3rd Region Championship last night. It was so fun! These girls have worked so hard and have come along way. There was a lot of talk about it being a rebuild year for Syracuse because they lost 13 seniors last year.
Well they showed Region 1 what champions are made of. Although it wasn't a sweep, we were happy to take 1st overall!  These are 28 of the most dedicated and hard working girls I know :)

                                              Shayla and her awesome coach Cristina :)

Shay and Rich, the proud dad   (look at him showing support for both girls Syracuse shirt, and UVU jacket)

Shayla and Kenlee~~ BFF's for years and livin the dance dream together!
        And me, the crazy dance mom and my beautiful Shay. Love this girl and so proud to be her mom.
        Now... ON TO STATE!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 2013

Welcome to 2013!
Lately I have had a desire to be diligent in capturing as many moments and memories I can this year. I always have had that desire, and do pretty good for the most part, but like other areas in my life.... I want to be better than I am! So, I vow to have my camera with me 75% of the time, to capture moments, document thoughts and to remember the details. I want a new video camera really really bad, but that will have to remain on my wish list for now.
I could not be happier to report, that the new year has found us healthy and happy. I do not take that for granted one bit! We are all settled in the new home we moved into mid September. The ward has been great, and it has been fun to meet new friends. I am teaching the Sunbeam class. Can you say ADORABLE!!! Wow, they are simply precious and it brings me JOY teaching those little ones. Rich was called to be the 1st Counselor in the newly called bishopric. He is a bit overwhelmed, but is enjoying serving in that capacity. Shayla is full swing into competition season, Mckena is adjusting to college life, and TJ is learning the hard knocks of the reality of becoming an adult. :)
So here is to 2013.. guaranteed to be filled with learning moments, challenges, tender mercies, as well as fun and enjoyment!