"Family ties are bound by love"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Officer Shayla

Shayla's SBO officer sweater has finally arrived!
I'm a bit partial, but she has got to be one of the cutest officers SJH has ever seen! I love her nick name she chose for the back "Shazzam," because it really fits her. A small little package with lots of spunk. She is the only girl SBO, but she holds her own! (She probably has TJ to thank for that.)
Here is to a great school year!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a moment

This much anticipated packet, showed up in the mail today~ August 25th 2010
It was addressed to this handsome YM, I mean Elder
Opening up the hot little packet~ the anticipation is intense
Reading, " Dear Elder Franklin: You are assigned to labor in the Alabama Birmingham Mission"

He had to take a seat when he read, " Report to the MTC on Wed. October 6th" (that is only 6 weeks away! also notice the proud dad.)
Checking out the map, and Kena texting the news to all her friends
Sweet Home Alabama! We are so thrilled, and proud of TJ. This has not been easy coming, but he has now jumped in with both feet! We have a lot to do before Oct 6th, but it will be fun to spend that special time with him. I already feel the blessings, and sacredness of our only son serving a mission! Best of luck to you TJ as you work hard, be obedient, serve the Lord, and share the gospel! We LOVE you and could not be more proud!

Friday, August 13, 2010

So behind...

One of the worst things about journaling/blogging is getting behind. I always struggle between catching up or just move on from here. So in an effort to try to do a little of both, here I go:

June was~ Trek, Shayla's b-day, Rich's B-day, Bear Lake Family Reunion
July was~Girls Camp, Youth Conference, and gone in a flash
August is~ Dance Teacher Convention in Vegas, Dance Intensives, & Back to School!

Our summer at a glance has been:
Cherry Hill, working more than I would like, roasting marshmallows in our new fire pit, laying in the hammock, going to a few movies Karate Kid, Inception, Step Up 3. Eating at Zupas way too much, it is our new addiction, and enjoying our time together.

Cherry Hill
Girls Camp
New Fire pit!
Lazy nights of Summer

Where has summer gone? I hate to see it go, even if fall is one of my favorite times of the year.