"Family ties are bound by love"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Girl

Saturday June 19th was our baby girls 14th birthday! Even thought she is not our baby anymore, Shayla is too sweet to tell us to "stop calling her that!" Shayla is sweet, honest, kind and super smart. She loves to dance, shop, and be with her mom! I love love love that she likes to "hang~out" with me still. She is very responsible, and loves the Gospel and always tries to do her best at whatever she does. We love this girl, (who we thought was a boy while I was pregnant with her) she is such a blessing to our family. She has a little bit of each of us in her. She has her dads eyes and straight hair, mom's personality, Chelsea's feet, TJ's sense of gratitude, and Mckena's passion for dance, and yet she is unique in so many ways! We love you Shay~bay!

She had tryouts yesterday at Rhythm Works and she made the top team! Way to go sis!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's Going On

I am in desperate need of a camera, and without pictures... blogging just isn't quite as fun. But here is what is going on around the Franklin House.

June 5th~ Shayla and her friend Tavia, were able to attend a dance workshop with Russell, Mollee & Noelle from So You Think You Can Dance!
It was lots of fun and she learned some fun dances. It was a great experience for her.

June 10th thru June 12th : TJ, Mckena, Shayla and I all went on Pioneer Trek! What an experience that was. With the exception of Shayla, we had all been before, but it was nothing like this! The weather was terrible.. hurricane like! It was cold, wet, windy and we trekked A LOT. (22 miles) Our tents flooded, we had to sleep on the bus. And guess what? It was AMAZING! In the midst of it, I wanted out! I wanted to go home. But looking back I see that we all learned lessons we could not have learned had the weather been beautiful and pleasant. Truly those pioneers are so strong. We got just a small taste of what they went through, (and I so mean small) and we understand how incredible they were! I will do just a Trek post later. I am in charge of putting together a Trek Memory Book for our Stake. And hopefully I can get some pictures from other people.

June 14th~ Rhythm Works Dance Recital. Always a highlight of Spring. The girls LOVE to perform and show what they have worked so hard on all year. It was a great recital and we look forward to another year!

Rich has hit his 3 month mark at his new job! They want to keep him, so now the insurance benefits will kick in, and a little pay increase too!! Way to go babe!

TJ is working away. Getting up every morning at 5:30 a.m. Trek touched his heart, and he says he is ready to get his papers turned in. Bishop is still "testing" him on a few things (his hair, his obedience, etc) so we will see what the summer brings.

Friday, June 4, 2010

All good things must come to an end

The 2009/2010 school year ended today ~June 4th 2010~ for my girls. It was a great year filled with lots of fun, good memories, good friends and good grades! I am so proud of my girls, and feel so blessed to be able to be their mom.
End of year assemblies
Shay had to try to get a cookie from her forehead to her mouth~ very tricky!

09-10 SHS Dance Line~ Last performance together

Summer time... Here we come!