"Family ties are bound by love"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A bump in the road

I have rewritten this post over and over, and don't know what to say. So I decided to just go with the way it went.

Conference Sunday we got a call that Bishop and Stake Pres. wanted to meet with Rich and I. My first thought: Rich is getting a Stake Calling! But then I thought it was weird they would meet with us on Conference Sunday. Then I heard they were coming to our house. Even more weird, so I got a little pit in my stomach. My mind contemplated what it was for, but the real reason never crossed my mind. Even when Mckena asked if we thought it was about TJ, I said no, President Holzapfel his mission president would contact us. But as we opened the door to President Cook and Bishop Hill standing on our porch, I knew by the look on their faces they were not bringing us news we wanted to hear. For a split second, I worried Elder Franklin had been hurt. I could not let my mind go there, for fear of how I'd handle that news. So I quickly shut it out. As they came in and sat in our front room, President Cook spoke with love and compassion that some rules had been broken and that Elder Franklin was possibly going to be sent home. I was truly blindsided and couldn't believe it.I just listened and cried. President said he had been on the phone with both TJ and his mission president that evening, and that they were working things out. TJ had not been caught, he confessed, his heart was sorrowful, and he feared the disappointment of all, especially his family. President said we would be getting a call later that evening from TJ and President Holzapfel.
The conversation with TJ was nothing but tears and sorrow. Not much talking took place on his part, only "I'm so sorry" over and over. We did our best to console him and tell him that we still loved him very much. President said they would know the decision on Monday, and if he would be coming home it would be Tues. Oct 4th ( 2 days short of his year mark)
Which he did.
It was a strange day with mixed emotions.
But overall, we are happy he is well and back in our home and taking the steps he needs to. We move forward and we continue to love and help him, just as the Savior would/does.