"Family ties are bound by love"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finding the Good

What a week! It's has not always been in my nature to try to find the good in things, but lately... it seems to help. Although this week, that was a challenge.
It started Tuesday, TJ was rear ended. The GOOD is that he was in the work truck. It was a suburban that hit him, and she did not even slow down (they think she was texting) bad combo, texting and driving. Anyway had he been in his small car, it would not have been pretty. He was a little shook up, and suffered a bit of whiplash but nothing too serious.
Then came Wednesday, Rich was not feeling well, and chalked it up to his thyroid condition. He has had worse episodes, but decided to work from home, and that is the GOOD in that. I love having him around, and that fact that it seemed "under control"was a good thing. Thur he felt a little worse, but nothing like he has before. That's GOOD. But then TJ came home with a new car. I don't know how he did it, how the bank thought they could lend a barely 18 yr old and a job of about 2 months $12,000! Crazy. I am not happy about this decision, and worry it is going to be a hard life lesson for him. The GOOD, um lets see, how about, "life lessons are some of best teachers?" IDK?
Next came Friday. Rich woke up feeling better with the exception of a headache but was off to a job site in Salt Lake. The GOOD, is that we have work and work means paychecks. Then Friday afternoon Shayla and I stopped at McDonald's to satisfy a sweet tooth with a hot fudge sundae, and was waiting behind a red suburban to turn left. When all of a sudden, the red suburban was up in my grill! Literally! She decided to turn right instead, and went to back up, but... that is where I was. So I was front ended. Hence.. the GOOD, nobody was hurt in the sweet tooth expedition. (Although we never got to eat them.) Then a few hours later, Rich called to tell me his headache was really bad, and that he was going to stop off at his moms in Bountiful for awhile to lay down. Later I got a phone call from Karin ( his sis) that they were taking him to the hospital for a shot for migraines. She also told me his color was not good. Our brother-in-law, Dave gave him a blessing as well. Let stop for a sec... the GOOD here is that we have family close by who care. Anyway, on the way to Lakeview, Rich threw up, and what he threw up was blood. Not good. He was doing his best to not have me worry, but it was not working. I wanted to come be with him, but remember... I did not have a car. So I waited for more info. Finally at 11:00p.m., they decided they wanted him to go to McKay Dee for some testing. They stopped by home first, and then I was able to go with. Entering the ER brought back swarms of uncomfortably familiar feelings. The GOOD, um ... um, got it, that we have medical care close to home.
By now it is Saturday at 1:00 in the morning. (Rich's birthday-poor guy) They have subsided the headache pain, but are very concerned about his blood levels. I leave at 3:00 am to try to get some sleep, because they are going to wait till morning to do a scope. The GOOD?, um uh...well, I got nothin' .
Normal morning time arrives, and I get the girls off to their designated spots for the parade. Shay with SJH for office, Kena with SHS for dance. The GOOD, my kids are resilient and did not seem to have any worry, only faith. I head up to the hospital to find Rich has had to have 2 blood transfusions, because it got too low, and he was headed for the scope. Well, his esophagus was too narrow for the scope to fit down, so they dilated it (stretched the crap out of it) They said he had built up scar tissue probably from an allergic reaction years ago. The GOOD, he has had swallowing problems for years, and now that is fixed! They also found a bleeding ulcer, we knew this was probably the case, he had one 3 yrs ago, and figured it had opened up again. But the GOOD was it was not bleeding badly, just slowly and for a long time. Medication should heal it up. But the dilation was so painful, he was not able to eat or even swallow his own saliva. They wanted 3 things to happen before he went home. They wanted him to eat, and keep it down, they wanted his blood level up, and his blood pressure up. Those things did not happen, so he had another sleepover at the hospital.
Which brings us to today, Sunday. The GOOD, all three of those things happened and it is 3:00 p.m. and he is home with us! He needs to take it easy, eat light, and have a follow up appt, but all in all, he is on the mend, and that is GOOD, no.... that is GREAT! Phew.. what a week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009-2010 Syracuse Dance Line

I thought I was "in the know" about what to expect with dance line , but WOW, it is a whole new ballgame. Since the day Mckena made it, it has been busy, busy, busy!
Tryouts, parent meeting, get to know you sleepover, 3 day officer camp in St George, 4 day dance camp in Park City, sell pizzas, sell ads for football program, bowling fundraiser, 7-10 am practices everyday, and picture day, just to name a few! But the beauty of it all.....Mckena is having a blast! She loves the girls and is making some great friends. It is obvious because she has not even complained about getting up at 6:30 a.m. on summer break. Which says a lot, because she is not a morning girl. They have 3 great coaches who are working the girls hard by running, conditioning, working on technique and their dances. What a fun ride she is on. I can't wait to watch them this year.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today was Shayla's birthday. She had a party with a few friends and we spent the day at Cherry Hill. It was a warm and lots of fun, but I forgot the camera :(
Shayla got some clothes, and a pair of sandals, a Cherry Hill pass and Mckena gave her a cute ipod cover. The big thing was that we decided to let her move into Chelsea's room. Shay and Mckena have shared a room since Shay was born. They have always loved it, but lately they have had some "cleaning" differences. Shay has wanted to have Chelsea's room for a while, but I was not ready for it.
But the other day, I thought she is 13, it has been 2 yrs, and most importantly, I felt Chelsea would want her to have it. Shay is very excited about it, and feels special to have it.

She is now 13! Which means we have a house full of teenagers. They are great teens though and we love having them around.

Happy Birthday SHAYLA! WE LOVE YOU

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's all worth it

TA DA! Graduation 2009 was held at the Dee Events Center at 7:00 p.m. on June 5th 2009. It was a nice evening. We went to dinner, the graduation, and of course ice cream after. TJ was just one of the 380 grads! Wow. These are some of the pics of the night.

#1 Its official! ( a bit blurry, but we were far away)
#2 A great friend through all his school years... Eric Davenport and TJ
#3 Proud sisters...Kena and Shay
#4 Happy mom & dad

Moments we live for that make all the science fairs, late night reports, parent teacher conferences, running to the store for that "I need it by tomorrow mom" item , and the math homework all worth it!