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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warmth in the cold

Okay- I am entering the blogging world~ I have been following some friends blogs and decided it looked fun and theraputic!
Fitting for today because, today marks 3 yrs since Chelsea's accident. Hard to believe it has been that long, but in ways it seems longer. Our lives are similiar in ways, and yet very different in others. The heartache remains the same, but the sting is not as great. I thought about going to the temple today but stayed home instead. As I watch the snow fall, I am grateful to be in the warmth of my home. As I think of Chelsea, I feel the warmth of knowing families are forever and that I will see her again. How I miss that girl!
I am not sure if the kids realized the date today, and I did not want to remind them if they didn't. It is a day of reflection, and a reminder of how quickly our lives can change. It was a very typical day, until a phone call from a friend came, telling me Chelsea was in an accident, and I needed to call another number for more info. From that moment our lives turned upside down. I wish I could say I have grown from the experiences, but I can say I have learned things, and contiue to do so. The biggest of those things learned is FAITH! There is a lot of action, and power behind that word, but most importantly is trust, as we follow our lives path. There can be warmth in the storms of life :) I am thinking of you today and always Chelsea Love mom


Tiffany said...

Wendy, I am wiping tears from my eyes and feeling so much admiration for you. Your message today was just what I needed today...to remember to just have faith and trust in the Lord...especially when it's His will being done, not necessarily ours. My heart is with you today. You are such an example to me and so many others. May His Spirt carry you today and always.
Tiffany Dickson

Tiffany said...

My blog site is www.lifedicksonstyle.blogspot.com

afacer said...

Wendy, I am grateful for this opportunity to express my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family for the loss of your precious Chelsea. Since we moved in and I have wanted to say something, but never felt the time was quite right. Chelsea has touched my life through the memory you keep burning of her, and I'm grateful for the small glimpses of her I see through you and your family... I can only imagine how wonderful she is. You are truly an example to me of faith and pressing forward despite the trials of life. I pray for you today and always that the sweet spirit of comfort from our Savior may continually wrap around you and provide you with the strength you need each day. Lots of Love!

Stonez said...

I was touched by your words Wendy! I can only guess how you feel and how you've felt the last 3 yrs which probably explains why I think about both you & Chelsea probably every day since I heard. Wish I could drop by a hug and idk, maybe share a bowl of vanilla bean icecream or even just a bowl of oatmeal ;) You're strong and wonderful...miss you always!

Lindsay Nielsen said...

Can u post that video u had put on prayforchelsea.com plz