"Family ties are bound by love"

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today was Shayla's birthday. She had a party with a few friends and we spent the day at Cherry Hill. It was a warm and lots of fun, but I forgot the camera :(
Shayla got some clothes, and a pair of sandals, a Cherry Hill pass and Mckena gave her a cute ipod cover. The big thing was that we decided to let her move into Chelsea's room. Shay and Mckena have shared a room since Shay was born. They have always loved it, but lately they have had some "cleaning" differences. Shay has wanted to have Chelsea's room for a while, but I was not ready for it.
But the other day, I thought she is 13, it has been 2 yrs, and most importantly, I felt Chelsea would want her to have it. Shay is very excited about it, and feels special to have it.

She is now 13! Which means we have a house full of teenagers. They are great teens though and we love having them around.

Happy Birthday SHAYLA! WE LOVE YOU


Tiffany said...

Wow. I'm happy for Shayla to get her own room. That had to be so bittersweet for you. Chelsea doesn't need a physical room in your house--she's everywhere already there. I believe that they never really leave us....it just makes sense that a loving Father in Heaven would not allow us to be separated from our loved ones. Not even through death. My heart goes out to you, my friend.

afacer said...

Glad to hear Shayla had such a great birthday - although I'm not surprised you forgot the camera ;)! Ands lots of hugs as you move Shay into Chelsea's room!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Shayla! I can't imagine having teenagers....but I'm not far behind! What a special gift to get Chelsea's room, and what a special Mom to give it to her! It was wonderful being with you this week....I just think the world of you! Thanks for letting me peak into your life!

Stonez said...

Okay, I got all choked up reading this. You're awesome Wendy. That's all I have to say & I'm sending super eHugs your way

jsabbott6 said...

Isn't it amazing how one day we can be strong enough to make changes we thought we would never ever be able to.
Happy Birthday Shayla! In March I just got my first teenager and now you have a house full of them. We have got to stop "Blinking" :)