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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Age Identity Crisis

Okay, so lately I have had some "EYE OPENING" moments that have made me think, "Maybe I am not as young as I think I am! Lets start with friends. Two people have recently come into my life, that I just love , and consider them amazing friends. You know, the ones you can talk to for hours and share stuff with.
Well, one is Angie, she serves with me in the YW. We were on an outing, and someone asked me if she was my daughter! Yes, sad but true. Now although I would love to claim her as my daughter, it shocked me. Could I really be old enough to be her mother? Thankfully the answer was not really. (I would have been 14 when she was born) Aside from that, I just love Angie, and feel so lucky to work with her and know her. She amazes me and teaches me so much.
Next comes Sarah. I feel as if Sarah and I for some reason have a special kindred connection. We both have very special loved ones who have passed, but whenever I am around her I feel so good and happy. She always makes me smile. She and I have had some fun times together at girls camp, and such. But it was not until recently when I posted about having all teenagers for kids that she left a message back and pointed out that her kids, not even one of them, is a teenager yet! AHH! Also, her mom and I have the same journal from the 80's, hmmm what does that say? Yep, I am older than I think.
Luckily for me, age knows no boundaries with friendship. Thanks girls for being my friend, even if I am old. :)

Then there was Cherry Hill this week. I took the girls for a day of play in the sun. Years ago, we would get Season Passes and spend our Summer Days at Pirates Cove. Now, the girls are off on the tubes, and I find myself floating around the lazy river alone, watching all the young moms with their little ones, wondering, "Where did the time go, wasn't I just there?" sigh

And lastly, I was on the pageant committee this year, and the director had a wrap up meeting and dinner at her house. It was one of the committee members b-day, so naturally the conversation turned to age. Well.... I felt very much, "like one of the girls" until I realized I was 6, count em 6 years older than anyone there! Not 1 or 2 or even 4 yrs older...but 6! Why am I the choreographer of the production # at my age?

Well, they say your only as old as you feel, and I feel about 30ish. So I am sticking with it.


veronica said...

You are YOUNG and HIP! Don't let anyone ever tell you differently! :)

Sarah said...

Okay....first off, I might have to hunt you down for using that picture of me! :) One would swear that was you and Forrest Gump in a hat!! :) If it makes you feel any better.....I used to have your body in College....so there, you actually ARE younger and hipper than me in all reality! Thanks for your sweet words....ditto! Hey....you never did tell me what you heard at Laurel's Camp! One last thought, if you didn't buy a senior pass at Cherry Hill....then you're still doing great! Sure love ya! Thanks for being my friend too! :)

Aimee said...

I have those moments too! But in my head I am somewhere in my mid-20's.

We get season passes to Lagoon and I sit and knit while the kids run around. At least you lay in the lazy river and don't sit there like a grandma knitting socks!

I am with Veronica. I just wish I was as young and cute looking as you!

Kristi said...

You look super young, and really you are only as old as you feel. I love how younger friends keep you young -so enjoy!

afacer said...

I think you are EXACTLY as young as you think you are!! And I love ya too!! :)
It must have been inspiration for us to go to Cherry Hill together. We'll do it when you guys get back from Lava!