"Family ties are bound by love"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cafe Burke

A month ago~ for Kena's birthday~ we had a girls lunch~ but didn't invite the funnest girl of all! SARAH!

So cute Sarah invited us all to lunch at her house today. ( well really she invited the girls, and then asked me to shuttle them over! It was the least I could do) haha :) She fixed A yummy Cafe Rio style lunch, but even better, and then topped off with cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth! Thank you Sarah~ it was delish and a a fun break from the day!


afacer said...

How sweet of Sarah - looks like fun... and super yummy! :)

Sarah said...

Oh how I wish I would have scheduled my hair appointment for the day before!!! GRRR!! That was so fun to have you all over!! We have to do it again! Thanks for being the shuttle bus.....and just for the record....it wasn't the reason you were invited, it sure helped :), but wasn't the reason you were invited! So glad you all came! Love ya!

Kristi said...

looks like a fun afternoon. You look so much like your daughter!