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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Girl

Saturday June 19th was our baby girls 14th birthday! Even thought she is not our baby anymore, Shayla is too sweet to tell us to "stop calling her that!" Shayla is sweet, honest, kind and super smart. She loves to dance, shop, and be with her mom! I love love love that she likes to "hang~out" with me still. She is very responsible, and loves the Gospel and always tries to do her best at whatever she does. We love this girl, (who we thought was a boy while I was pregnant with her) she is such a blessing to our family. She has a little bit of each of us in her. She has her dads eyes and straight hair, mom's personality, Chelsea's feet, TJ's sense of gratitude, and Mckena's passion for dance, and yet she is unique in so many ways! We love you Shay~bay!

She had tryouts yesterday at Rhythm Works and she made the top team! Way to go sis!!

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Kristi said...

Happy Birthday to your cute girl! Our "baby" had a birthday this month too. It's hard to let that one grow up.....