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Friday, August 13, 2010

So behind...

One of the worst things about journaling/blogging is getting behind. I always struggle between catching up or just move on from here. So in an effort to try to do a little of both, here I go:

June was~ Trek, Shayla's b-day, Rich's B-day, Bear Lake Family Reunion
July was~Girls Camp, Youth Conference, and gone in a flash
August is~ Dance Teacher Convention in Vegas, Dance Intensives, & Back to School!

Our summer at a glance has been:
Cherry Hill, working more than I would like, roasting marshmallows in our new fire pit, laying in the hammock, going to a few movies Karate Kid, Inception, Step Up 3. Eating at Zupas way too much, it is our new addiction, and enjoying our time together.

Cherry Hill
Girls Camp
New Fire pit!
Lazy nights of Summer

Where has summer gone? I hate to see it go, even if fall is one of my favorite times of the year.


Sarah said...

Dang.....so much jealousy creeping in as I read this post! First off, I want a fire pit. Second, I want a hammock. Third.....I wanna go to Girls Camp!! :) Oh yeah.....and Fourth....I want a Zupa Date.....minus the bugs! Ha Ha!! So glad you've had a wonderful summer. It DID go by way too fast! Love ya, my friend! Call me....I feel like ice cream now!

Kristi said...

Fun catch-up post. Love the pic of you & Rich... I think we need a hammock, that looks so relaxing.

You've had a fun summer!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the quick update!! It was about as fast as summer felt!! Miss you!!