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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Ramon asked Mckena to homecoming again this year. She was happy to get to go!
This is the big group they went with.
Just the two of them
Friday's halftime performance!
(too bad the football team didn't perform as good as the girls)
Final score Syracuse 21 Fremont 24 OT

Nice leap Kena!!
Homecoming Assembly performance
Fun times!!


Sarah said...

She looks Beautiful! And....you are right....that was a great performance by the girls at half time! The game, well, that's another story!

afacer said...

Gorgeous Girl!

Kristi said...

Such a pretty girl! So glad she is making the most of her HS years. :)

Stonez said...

That IS an awesome leap!!! What I need to do is come visit during football season and come see her dance at a game! Hey good luck with farewell and all the mission planning...we found a cute way to ask for the date...I'll post pics soon :)