"Family ties are bound by love"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Hunting we will Go

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is going to cut down our Christmas tree. We go up Ogden canyon and hunt for the perfect tree. This was the coldest year ever, so needless to say, the hunting did not take long!Found it!! This is usually TJ's duty, but since he is on the Lord's duty this year, Rich had to do the honors.
Kena boo...
and Shayla too!
My family seems to be shrinking :( So weird to just have the four of us at home these days. hmmm. Thankfully we have many memories and traditions to keep us tied together.....


Kristi said...

What a great tradition. There is something so fun about a real tree.

Stonez said...

Looks cold and fun..we just have the ol Kirkland pre-lit tree we drag out each year. It's pretty...but FAKE!!! You can't tell it's Christmas time here.

Merry Fake Christmas to you and yours.