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Monday, April 18, 2011

Music to my Ears

Chelsea, Brooke, Heidi

Yesterday we we were able to attend the Homecoming of one of Chelsea's dearest friends Brooke Evans. She had a wonderful mission and shared with me some experiences and testified to me that there were many times she felt Chelsea's spirit. She said she knew that Chels was there testifing and touching hearts along with other unseen beings as she worked in the Trail Center talking about Pioneers and those who had gone on before us. I could have listened to her talk for hours, and wanted to hear more, but I was not the only one there to welcome her home.
Pioneer Trek
Chelsea has a testimony of the Pioneers

April 2007 in Arizona over Spring Break

There was also another friend of Chelsea's attending the homecoming with his mom. He introduced me as, "This is Chelsea's mom." That is a title I have not heard in a while, but I will gladly hold it forever!

Mother/Daugher "make over your mom" YW night

Girls Camp ~ Chelsea's first year

This month brings those darn outburst of heartache and tears as we both celebrate her birthday and mourn her loss. But the GOSPEL IS TRUE, and I am so thankful for the gospel the blessings of ETERNAL LIFE. Because of the Gospel I was able and am still able to experience so many special times with her. So with that, you can see why all these things were MUSIC TO MY EARS!


Sarah said...

I love this. I love how much you two look alike! I love how much she is still there - not only do you testify of it, but others as well....which makes it all that more special! I love the Tender Mercies of a loving Heavenly Father, who may ask us to go through it, but doesn't leave us hopeless or alone and gives us glimpses through Heavens windows. And last, but definitely not least, I love you Wendy Franklin and am grateful for your friendship!

Stonez said...

Love you my dear friend...I always think about you in April...thanks for still remembering my birthday and being my bud!! Loved the post and the pics...loved reading this special message on my birthday! Love to Rich too

tcmichie@gmail.com said...

I love the pictures you posted of Chels...I can't believe it's been four years since she left us...sure miss that girl. She was/is an angel...much like her mother. Love you guys!!

afacer said...

I can only imagine your face at being called "Chelsea's mom"... tender mercies.
And loved all the pics of the 2 of you together... what beautiful memories.
Know that I'm thinking of you all month long and send extra love your way.

Matt and Kathryn said...

This time of year always reminds me of Chels, and her beautiful Spirit! I always think of her on her birthday, which is in a few days... and remember all the fun memories we have together!! What a great experience Brooke had to go on a mission, and feel chels there with her!

Love you Wendy, I think of you all the time! :)

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing your tender thoughts and memories. Love the pictures!