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Monday, February 6, 2012

3rd Place in State!!

What a great year of dance these girls have had! Friday was the 4A/5A State Drill Team Competition. It is hard to compete against those Salt Lake Schools, and the Syracuse High Dance Line put them to the test! They placed 2nd in Military, 3rd in Dance and 2nd in Character. They tied for 2nd overall and the tie breaker put them in 3rd overall. Copper Hills coming in 2nd and 3rd time state champ Bingham, took 1st again. We were so proud of them, and feel there was nothing else they could have done more! They danced AMAZING and are 1st place winners in by book! Mckena had to dance with an injured wrist, and Shayla was sick all week, ( with what we think is Pleurisy) and still managed to give it her all! It has been such a bonding for these two to share this year dancing, practicing, performing and competing together. Not many sisters get to share in that kind of memories together. Region 1 Champs and top three in the State of Utah!!


Sarah said...

Such a major accomplishment....and like you said....such a fun experience and memory for them to share for a lifetime! So glad I got to see it....I am amazed at their incredible talent! You have two beautiful girls there with a lot to offer this world! Congrats to you all!!!

Stonez said...

Hi Wendy! These posts make me ache to be closer to you and your girls because I guarantee...I would have been at every one of these performances screaming in the bleachers!! I love watching this stuff and love it even more when I know the dancer! WAAAAAA