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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweet Shayla is 16!

Happy Birthday Shayla! 
Can't believe our baby girl is now legal to drive, and date. No, we are not OK with that, even though we trust her 100%! We sure love this girl. She is the little caboose to our family, and it would not be the same without her. She was the most difficult baby of the four....she cried alot! But she has since made up for it. She hardly ever cries, she is easy going, she is a great student, and definitely the most responsible one in the family. Shayla has earned her YW medallion, and is true to what she believes in. She has beautiful skin, that tans instantly, her hair grows like a weed, and her smile brightens our home. Shayla is soft spoken, but can really be quite funny at times! She hardly ever complains, she is a true friend and loves her family and the gospel.
What more could we ask for? LOVE YOU SHAY :)


Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Shayla!!!! Nothing quite like the "Sweet 16" Birthday!! Super exciting.....a whole new world is opening up!! Beautiful girl....in and out!! (and hey....16 is the number I have to type in to leave this comment!)ha ha :)

Tiffany said...

She is truly beautiful in every single way!!