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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"March"ing On

Isn't it so crazy how fast time seems to go these days? I always wonder if I am making the most of my time as one trial is replaced with another. I think in these difficult and trying times we live in, we just need to press forward and continue marching on!
We don't have to look far to find someone with heartache, stress, or trials going on in their lives, for it is all around. Some are more private, others are more obvious. But one thing for certain is we all have them. It is how we handle them where the testing comes in.
An important lesson I have learned ( from experience as the receiver) is to do our part to help comfort, bring joy, ease the burden of others. President Kimball said. "It is usually through others that prayers are answered." We should not second guess what we should do, or worry if it is a dumb idea, just do it! When done with care, the receiver will know it came from the heart. "March" on this month and notice those who need our help, and somehow maybe our worries will become less trying.


Sarah said...

Thanks for being the perfect example to follow. I can't think of anyone who has "Marched on" and helped to lift the burdens of others better than you! I was at lunch the other day, and somehow Jan and I got talking about you. She said to me, "Can you think of anything you don't like about Wendy Franklin...?" Both of us agreed you are absolutely Perfect and we admire you immensely! What a compliment to you and the life you live. Keep "Marching On" so we can continue to follow!

afacer said...

What a wonderful thought and challenge... hope you don't mind me linking it on my blog!

Tiffany said...

I needed to read this today. I need to remember to think more about others instead of just focusing on my own challenges. Thanks for being such a great example as someone who lives this way. You truly are amazing!! I agree with your friend, Sarah...I can't think of one bad thing about you. You are so admired!