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Friday, November 6, 2009

1 messy boy room + 1 girl asking him to a dance =

TJ (yes TJ) was asked to Sadies last night. Although the idea is cute... umm ya, well just take a look.

Shredded newspaper everywhere.. in his bed, pillow, dresser, hanging from the walls, in his shoes, in his hamper... WOW! We will be finding little strips for months I fear. Oh well.. good times!
But.... the difference with boys is all he could think of was how to get her back even worse. (For the record, I have removed myself from this project!! )


Cline Family said...

Oh wow, what a mess!!! Cute idea though!

afacer said...

INSANITY!!! I had a date and my best friend's date take the large majority of our clothes for ransom when asking us to a dance once... it was traumatic... as well as the dance.

Sarah said...

Oh my HECK!!! What to say? Where to Start? It could be worse I guess....one of my dates taped butcher paper across our front door, left a hole and filled the space between the door and the paper with buttered and salted popcorn! My DAD answered the door, only to have buttered popcorn come flooding into his home with the butcher paper reading "just Popped in to invite you to the dance!" Could be worse my friend, could be worse! (Not much however!!)

Park City? :)

Kristi said...

oh.my.word! That is one heck of a mess? Is it cleaned up yet? What did TJ do to answer?!

Stonez said...

Woot!!! Cute & messy ;) I'm getting bugged...I missed all your latest blogs cuz my dashboard thing doesn't update me anymore it looks like your last post is always the first day of school one. Why didya have to go private??? ;)

Lori said...

OH MY!!!!