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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making the News

Here is a clip (click on link below) from the State Drill Comp on Friday. Syracuse High is in the Blue Sequin tops. (Kena boo is in the front if the first clip of them. ) Fun stuff. They danced really well. They took 6th over all, which may not seem too great, but it is pretty good considering it is only the 3rd year of the school, and also the fact that there are 16 5A school that compete. Plus, those Salt Lake schools are tough, but they held there own.
So proud of Mckena and all her hard work. She was in all three Comp routines as a sophomore! She made two, and was an alternate for one, but a girl hurt her hip~ so Mckena was put in. She is not a morning girl at all, and she got up almost every morning on her own to make it to 6:00 am practices. Love you Mckena! Great job Syracuse Dance Line~ you are all awesome.


veronica said...

Watching that video gave me chills!
Way to go Syracuse!!!

afacer said...

That's awesome! WAY TO GO!!!
And kudos to Kena for her dedication!