"Family ties are bound by love"

Monday, March 28, 2011

23 Years of...

Love, trails, struggles, compassion, work, no work, kids, loss, heartache, communicating, fun, vacations, hospital stays, apartment living, house building, moving, laughs, tears, companionship, disappointments, surprises, joy, date nights, temple trips, and did I mention love? And yes.... I would do it all over again, and hope that we have at least another 23 + years ahead of us still.
(making sure there is no lipstick on my teeth)

Rich and I celebrated our 23 Wedding Anniversary on March 22. When I met this sweet guy of mine 24 years ago, I had no idea what lied ahead of us. The struggles that we would go through of losing our beautiful daughter Chelsea, who had brought so much light and life to our family, brought so many other difficulties along with it. But the blessings of our Temple marriage have far exceeded my expectations! I did not anticipate such struggles in life, and yet with the help of our loving Heavenly Father, we have been able to strengthen our marriage and love one another on a level I did not know existed. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me and led me to such a man that would love me, care for me, and our family, and most importantly take me to the Temple. I want nothing less than for my children to find the one for them that will bring such happiness and blessings to their lives.

Shayla sent me the cutest text on our anniversary, it read: Happy Anniversary I love you and I'm so glad you have such a good marriage :) Have a good day.

And with that... we did!


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are wonderful examples to us all! You're an amazing couple and have raised an incredible family! Congrats! And as an added bonus, you both look awesome with feathered hair! Who knew?!!!

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful life!! Happy Anniversary! I can't believe how much your girls look like you--minus the feathered hair---haha!!

tcmichie@gmail.com said...

You guys look almost the same as on your wedding day!! You are an amazing couple!!

Stonez said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Loved the post :) Miss ya