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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Chelsea

Disclaimer: This post idea comes from my friend Sarah Burke. I read her letter to her mom and knew that is just what I needed and wanted to do on this day so here it is:

Dearest Chelsea,

It has been five years ago today, that you left your earthly home to return to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. A lot of things have happened in 5 years. We got a dog, we moved, TJ graduated and went on a mission, Grandma got married, we went to California twice and also New York, Mckena got her braces off and Shayla got hers on, and dad got a new job just to name a few. But you already know that because your somehow right here with us. You are never far from our thoughts or our hearts. We feel you with us often and I am so grateful for those tender moments.

Being the mom, I often wonder what you are busy doing. I am always comforted in knowing that you are happy and not alone.

Being human, I often wonder if you never left what you would be doing. I picture you in college pursuing your nursing degree and being successful because you are so smart. I also imagine you would be married, because any guys that would meet you would fall in love with not only your outer beauty but your inner beauty that would just radiate an entire room! I could possibly even be a grandma by now too, because most, if not all your friends have a baby or two, or at least one on the way. You will be an amazing mom. Being the oldest in our family and also the oldest cousin to 19, you were always taking care of someone. I picture you supporting the girls in all their dance activities and being the supportive big sister. Giving them advice and guidance, doing their hair for school dances, painting nails, all the girly stuff you use to do together.They wear your same perfume. Mckena and Shayla are so close, and the best of friends. I know it is because they have a clear perspective of how precious family is. They are often told how much they look like you. They just beam when they hear that. When I take pictures of the two of them, I imagine you standing right there with them, uniting in sisterhood! When they dance, they dance with an angel.... you. 

And then there is TJ, who always reminds me how much he misses your late night talks, and refuses to take on the "oldest" child role. Tells me all the time, that that was your job. Just like Nicolle won't claim the oldest cousin title either, because that too belongs to you. TJ needs you, so stay close to him and do what you can for him. Now he is the one we have to practice parenting with. I don't know how to parent adult children..so you can help me!
Dad took the longest to heal. Being the fixer that he is, couldn't fix this and felt a bit lost. He is better now and is amazed at the influence you have on others. He wishes you were here to help with the math homework, because as you know, I am no help at all in that department so it is all him!

Facebook has re-invented staying connected. Remember how you begged and begged for a myspace page?  I am confident you would have a facebook profile and would probably be tweeting too.

The Temple continues to be a place of refuge and peace for me. I selfishly go sometimes just because I know I will feel you there. And whoever says spirit bodies can't hug, hasn't felt one from you. I cherish those!  Thank you for being such an amazing example to our family. We love you so much and are so grateful for the time you were here with us. I can't begin to imagine how joyful the day will be when we are once again reunited. 
 Although for now, continue to be with us as we push on in this earthly life, doing what we can and should to be where you are. Thank you for making me a better parent, by teaching me what truly matters, and I try to be a better person by treating others as you did. Stay close to us.
Because of this trial we are surrounded by such good friends and family. It is a blessing we are forever grateful for and hope that we can pay forward all the acts of kindness. You are sure loved girl!!
As you know, this day is also Aunt Tammy's birthday. She sent me this email fist thing this morning:

I woke up this mornig to a "happy birthday" kiss from Paul and of course then thoughts of our dear, sweet Chelsea.  I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for her!!  Her time here on this earth was so very short, yet so very effective and meaningful to everyone who knew her, and especially those that loved her as we did.  Thank you Chelsea for teaching me such valuable lessons only you could so tenderly teach me, you are an angel and what I learned from you will always be one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive!!  We love you Chelsea:)!!!!

See what I mean? Well, I will let you get on with your day. I love you from the bottom to the very tip of my heart! I cherish each memory and honor each moment I have with you. So thankful for eternal families, because that means you get to be my daughter forever!!
Love, Mom


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

I loved reading this. You are the best mother! I hope you guys are having a good day!

Sarah said...

"And whoever says spirit bodies can't hug, hasn't felt one from you"......love that!! Wendy, what a beautifully written post! Please don't start with a disclaimer of credit to me.....you are more than welcome to steal that idea, no credit need be given!It's the least I can do for the example you have been to me of making the best of our trials. You are truly someone I look up to and admire. I wish we didn't have the bond of having loved ones watching over us from the other side, but the tender mercy in it all is we probably wouldn't really know each other if not. What a lucky Mother you are to call Chelsea your daughter. Her story has touched so many, including me. I know she is with you and your family - What a beautiful reunion you will have! Love you Dear friend! Thinking of you today!

afacer said...

No disclaimer needed. Reading your beautiful heartfelt words to your precious daughter warmed my heart. Thank you again for sharing so much with those of us who love you. Families CAN and WILL be together forever. <3

Dustin...Kaylee...Paislee said...

I know you and your family don't know me but I came across your blog through a mutual friend. I never stop hearing what a wonderful person your daughter was and how great your family is being from Syracuse I have followed Chelsea's story from the beginning. I wanted to thank you for your post my family lost my little brother 3 1/2 years ago at the age of 13 and it has been such a devastation in our lives and continues to be, I am sure you can relate to that. I needed to read this and I cried through the entire thing but I know the spirit lead me here for a reason. Thank you again.

Cline Family said...


Stonez said...

::tear:: Very sweet Wendy, thank you for posting! You're a wonderful Mom!