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Thursday, January 24, 2013


They did it once, they did it twice, and the third time was just as nice!!
Syracuse Dance Line won their 3rd Region Championship last night. It was so fun! These girls have worked so hard and have come along way. There was a lot of talk about it being a rebuild year for Syracuse because they lost 13 seniors last year.
Well they showed Region 1 what champions are made of. Although it wasn't a sweep, we were happy to take 1st overall!  These are 28 of the most dedicated and hard working girls I know :)

                                              Shayla and her awesome coach Cristina :)

Shay and Rich, the proud dad   (look at him showing support for both girls Syracuse shirt, and UVU jacket)

Shayla and Kenlee~~ BFF's for years and livin the dance dream together!
        And me, the crazy dance mom and my beautiful Shay. Love this girl and so proud to be her mom.
        Now... ON TO STATE!!

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Sarah said...

How awesome is that?!!!! What a major accomplishment!!! Way to go Shay......super talented girl!!!! Congrats SHS Danceline!!!