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Monday, February 4, 2013

State Drill Comp

I know what you are thinking... not another dance post! Well, it is a huge part of our life so it is what it is...
Friday Feb 1st was the State Drill Comp. The top 4 teams from each Region qualify to go. Being Region champs...Syracuse qualified... obviously :) It is always down at UVU in the UCCU building with the UVU dancers hosting it. So you know what that means right? It was a double pleasure for me. Got to watch Shayla compete, and then as a bonus, the UVU dancers (aka Mckena) performed between each category. It was fun for Mckena as she was introduced being from Syracuse, how our crowd yelled and supported her.
 Mckena and Camille
Mckena and Melissa
 It was a tough comp this year, and I felt like those darn Salt Lake schools deserved the win. Syracuse danced well, but not well enough to place in the top 5... they took 6th place overall.
State Champs: Copper Hills (finally defeating Bingham who were 7 time champs)
2nd: Bingham
3rd: Brighton
4th: Lone Peak
5th: Hunter                              
                                          Janci, Kenlee, and Shayla
                                         Ashley, Janci, Kenlee, Shayla, Emily, and Bailee
                                          Mckena and Shayla
                                         2012/13 Dance Line
I can not say enough about our great coach! The girls had such great sportsmanship, and hugged and congratulated Copper Hills. They held their heads high, and were not defeated by this loss. They were in great spirits, and all the juniors and sophomores were hungry to become better and already motivated to know what it feels like to be State champs, and said..."Lets do that next year, and do whatever it takes!" Love it!
                              These cute girls have been dancing together for about 9 years!
                                         The boys came to support too!
 On another note.. both my girls seem to be a little love struck right now. I think is is adorable but Rich.... not so much! Mr. protective dad has his guard up. But I'm always a sucker for young love/crushes...so I think they are both darling!
                                          Adam and Shayla     
                                          Trevor and Mckena


Sarah said...

Tell Rich it could be worse......they could be 13 and crushing....begging to take flowers to their special someone for their Birthday in 7th grade!!! AHHH!!! Your girls are beautiful.....it's easy to see why the boys are showing up!!! What an awesome, fun day! I wasn't even thinking about Mckena being there dancing! How cool is that?!! Huge proud moment, I'm sure! Way to keep your heads up girls and fight to the end. Congrats on an amazing season!!!

Stonez said...

hahaha RICH!!! oh my gosh, that is too funny! What, is he not ready for a boy to propose after just a couple weeks?? HUH????