"Family ties are bound by love"

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chelsea's Angel Day #6

Today is the day we refer to as Chelsea's Angel day, rather than the day she passed away. A few months back we heard this song, and as we listened to the words, memories filled our minds, tears filled our eyes, and peace filled our hearts.
As these anniversary dates approach, it comes with some extra sensitivity, and emotions. It has been 6 years today that she returned home. I'm not sure it gets any easier, I think we just learn how to cope better. So to help us cope this year, we decided to do our own type of therapy and put a video together to that song.

...Dedicated to our oldest daughter Chelsea Franklin, and also to our dear friends who have lost a loved one.


tcmichie@gmail.com said...

Wow...I hope I can type something through the tears...miss her, love you all!!

Cline Family said...

So beautiful!!

ps Do you ever age??

Lisa said...

Oh my...I can hardly stand it. Almost wish I hadn't watched it. It's much easier when you don't ever know the pretty girl, or see them as a darling child, dancing and acting out a song, or see their mother weeping at their graveside. But I'm better for having seen this, and my heart is closer knit to yours now.

dleo123 said...

I love and miss her so much, thanks for the memories and the perspective.

Love you guys!!!

afacer said...

Beautiful! And so precious the movie clip at the end. <3

Sarah said...

I love everything about this.....the message, the video and your Faith!! How adorable was that video footage of Chelsea?!!! You and your family are great examples to us all.....I hope I'm front row and center to witness your
reunion. She is no doubt, changing lives on the other side because of who she is. That is a huge credit to you and Rich. Hope you have felt her arms around you these past few days! Thank you for touching my life and allowing me to be a part of yours - I have been blessed because of knowing you.

Stonez said...

What a beautiful tribute! I finally got on a normal computer today so I could watch it, I thought it wasn't working. I just absolutely loved it...love you guys and so happy to have known such a wonderful sweet girl!