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Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Chapter


Yes, its true! My third child, is the first to get married. This post is about 5 weeks overdue, but we have been a bit busy planning a wedding! It has been so much fun, and our goal from the beginning was to not get stressed, have fun, make it simple but great, and enjoy every minute of it! And as of today, we have done just that!
Trevor and Mckena met at UVU. They had class together 2nd semester. Trevor finally got the nerve up to ask for her number and they went on their first date in January, and were pretty much inseparable from then on.
We had a family reunion trip planned for the first week of June to St. George. Mckena invited Trevor to come with us. Well the week prior, Trevor asked for his permission to marry Mckena,  (Earned big points with Rich on that one... it has not been easy for him to think of letting his little girl go) and told us he wanted to propose in St. George. It was a perfect set up! He took her to the top of Dixie Rock and she found a trail of red jewel hearts. (She did not know they were for her) they followed them up which led to candles in the shape of a big heart, and their song was playing! Then she caught on it was for her!! He then of course said sweet words to her about why he loved her, then got down on one knee (yes adorable)pulled the ring from his pocket and proposed!! She was crying the whole time, tears of joy and excitement. She quickly said yes, and we came out from our hiding spots to share in this special moment!!
We are so happy for them, and we couldn't love Trevor any more than we already do! They are so in love and have some wonderful goals that will keep them right on track! I could not be more thrilled that she has found someone worthy to take her to the Temple~ a goal she has always had. Those are the mom moments we pray come to pass.
The big day is August 16th!! Super quick right?! They wanted to get married before school starts again, and so ready set GO!! The Bountiful Temple is where they will be getting married and then the reception will be at my dear sister in laws backyard in Bountiful that evening. So we have been planning, DIY'ing and shopping ever since June 6th, and loving every minute of it!!
Hopefully I will be better at keeping up with these fun events in the next few weeks but no promises.

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Sarah said...

Chills!!!! Such a exciting time!!!! Cannot imagine handing my daughter off either, but what a huge blessing he is a righteous and worthy Young Man, ready to care for her!!! They are a beautiful couple!! Down to 4 weeks!!!! Congrats to you all!!!!