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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Night of "Firsts"

Homecoming 2009 brought Mckena's first:

*day date - they went to the zoo

*group date - group of 20!

*boutonniere pin on - no injuries

*corsage - it was beautiful

*school dance

*time with an extended curfew
But not the first time for:
*making mom and dad beam with pride
*causing us to shed a tear wondering where the time has gone
*Mckena excited to celebrate life!


afacer said...

Breathtaking... you look beautiful Kena! :) Hope you had a great time with your night of firsts! (Good job mom & dad!)

Sarah said...

Holy Cow! Her Dress was beautiful....she looked absolutely STUNNING!!! So fun! Glad to hear it all went well....including Mom and Dad making it through the night! :)

Stonez said...


Kristi said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful dress!!!!

Kami and Spencer said...

Cute! She is such a pretty girl...I am sure now that she is 16 she will be on dates every weekend!