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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Picking My Battles

So here it is. The new "do" for TJ! Shayla's look on her face is about how I feel. What are you doing with your hair?
Mckena was the beautician of this masterpiece, and he could not be more thrilled with it. It is just what he wanted. "Why ?"you may ask. Who knows, it's TJ just trying to make a statement.
Part of me loves that he does not care what other people think, as long as he channels that to good things. (Not that this is all that bad, but I'm just sayin'.) The other part of me wishes he cared a little what other people think, then he might not look like a bird flew SPLAT onto his head!
I keep telling myself.. there are worst thing he could be doing to his body.. this is only hair and hopefully just a phase. Breathe, let it go. This is a battle I will surrender.


afacer said...

Good for you for picking your battles, but... WOW... not a fashion statement I would make. Hang in there! Love ya!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry.....but it made me smile....and giggle a little! Probably because it's not my kid!! Oh, if it just weren't for free agency sometimes, huh?!! I'll book our next trip immediately....something tells me this could be another 4 am'er!! :) Trav's trying to get him to mission prep as I type by telling him to come tonight and show it off....since his days of doing this kindof stuff are numbered!! :) Good luck Mom! Figure it all out and then you'll be ready to help me in a few years! Loves!

Cline Family said...

Amen Sister!!! Nic went from all blonde to JET BLACK! I didn't say too much, but I wanted to scream and cry! But now about a year and a half later, he had me buzz all the black off finally! I'm so glad to have my blonde boy back! I figure if that was the worst thing he did, then it wasn't too bad! Good luck, we'll have to compare notes and see how much TJ follows Nic...from what we've already talked about, sounds like they're two peas in a pod!!!

Tiffany said...

Way to pick your battles my friend, but that's just freakin funny!! He's still a darling kid!

Kristi said...

Definitely pick your battles!

Someday he'll look back and wonder what he was thinking, just like we all do... :)