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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"SWEET 16"

....and never been kissed! (whew, good job sis)
Tuesday the birthday girl became eligible for dating, and was asked to Homecoming. Fun times! She is so excited to go, but her parents on the other hand are having a hard time letting go. I know I have said this before, but I just can't believe my little Kena boo is 16! At least she is not eligible for driving yet. She couldn't take Drivers Ed over the summer because of Dance Line, so she will not be driving "officially" until January. Which is fine by me.

I took two of her friends and her to lunch on her special day.

and then she came home to her room decorated with little plastic army men....EVERYWHERE! With the poster that said, "It would take an army to stop me from asking you to homecoming"

Clever and cute! Now we put our creative caps on about how to answer.
We are proud of Mckena, she truly fits the SWEET 16 title. Love you Kena girl :)


Sarah said...

Now that is about as cute as it gets!!! What a fun way to ask! Can't wait to see how she answers! Happy Birthday McKenna!!!! You make a Gorgeous 16 year old! And those two beautiful friends of yours.....couldn't be any sweeter! Love you all! p.s. I won't hold anything against any of you for not inviting me to this lunch of yours!! :)Have a wonderful time at the dance!! I have a sneaking suspicion your Mom will work some angles to be a chaperone at the dance!! :)

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday to your super sweet 16 year old.

What a clever way to ask to a dance! You'll have to share how she answers him...

afacer said...

Happy Birthday Kena! Looks like everyone had a fabulous day! Can't wait to see what you all come up with to answer... and to see pictures of Kena all dressed up!

Tiffany said...

She is just the shining example of what every 16 year old should be...I pray that Brinley turns out just like her!! Happy Bday Kenna!!!

Stonez said...

So cute!! My dashboard doesn't update me anymore with your newest blogs, I just happened to go looking for ya today and I missed all these updates!!!! DANG!!

This is such a super cute way to ask! Love it!