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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preference 2010

A few weeks ago Mckena filled a cooler full of ice and Mountain Dew attached a note on the side saying:
It would be "COOL" if you would "DEW" me the favor and go to Preference with me.
She asked Michael ( a boy she met at EFY last summer ) who goes to Northridge. He answered her back with a bag of Cuties and Ding Dongs with a note saying

Hey "CUTIE"~ I would be a "DING DONG" to not got the the dance with you ..... YES!
Well Thursday night, 2 nights before the dance, Michael called her and told her that his basketball team had just won their game, good news normally, but that meant they would have to play again on Saturday night, which meant....no preference dance! They already had altered the day date, because Mckena was performing at the girls State Game at halftime (which by the way Lady Titans, State Champs) so they decided to just start at 5:00. But now, that wasn't going to happen either. (note to Syracuse High.... no scheduling dances around state playoff time)
A bit teary and a lot disappointed, Mckena told me she was going to go take her dress back to "A Dress to Remember" where she had rented it. I convinced her to wait and see if we can't come up with another plan. She was in typical teenage mode~ mostly because of disappointment, but she was not interested in cooperating in any PLAN B's! She felt like asking any one this late seemed like "a back~up" plan... which it was, but never the less, she was not interested. That is until TJ suggested, his friend Matt.
Matt has spent lots of time at our house and is like a NICE, big brother to Kena. I encouraged her to ask him as well, after all.... she had her dress, her nails done, her new haircut, she had been tanning, her group together, dinner reservations, everything, and I knew she would be bummed out Sat night~ being home with mom and dad! She agreed!
So.. off to Walmart we went at 9:30 to buy some donuts. She went to his house, handed him the donuts, told him the story, and asked if he would be her date! He was a gentlemen, and said, "How could I pass up a date with you?"
So in the end, all worked out. They had a great time at dinner and at the dance!
And the best part of all, Mckena is realizing that it is paying off to have a big brother after all!


Sarah said...

Oh man.....that is such a sad and happy story all wrapped in one! So glad it all turned out! She looks beautiful! Heard it was a fun, fun night!

Tiffany said...

Wow...I forgot what a roller coaster the life of a teenage girl is!! I'm so glad it had a "fairytale" ending! She is gorgeous!

Stonez said...

Girl drama is the best :D I mean, life would be awful boring without it ;) She just sounds like a doll and boy did she look gorgeous!