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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Man

I don't blog about this guy very much~ not because he is not loved... but just because he leads the most simple life of all of us. Well, it's not really simple, it just not as fun. You know he does all the providing, and protecting, and sometimes it goes unnoticed, and under appreciated. He has had a rough go for the past little bit. While I took care of Chelsea, he took care of everything else, and really helped to keep our family stable and hopeful and by fully honoring his priesthood by giving us blessings and council. Since losing Chelsea, we have all had our own ways of dealing, healing, and coping. But it has taken longer for Rich. After all, he was still trying to run his own brand new business. (He started in March 2005) Things have slowly taken their toll~ and as of December 2009, we made the decision to close TekControls. It was not easy, he had a lot of hopes and dreams for that business, and felt somewhat like a failure. But due to hard times, and no work, we had no choice. So it has been scary as we try to follow our life's next path through prayers, sacrifice, trust and hope.

But today~ through the dark clouds that cover the sky.... we see sunlight! Rich has been hired as a Regional Manager for VFC! What a huge blessing~we so recogonize the Lord's hand in this, and feel full of gratitude.
So here is to you Rich! Thank you for taking such great care of your family~ way to go WE LOVE YOU and are sooooo proud of you!


afacer said...

Congrats! Especially to Rich... he is a good one! :)
PS - Hope you're going out to celebrate!!

veronica said...

Congratulations to Rich! I'm so happy for you guys!

Sarah said...

What a huge blessing! So happy for all of you! Love it when those lights in the tunnel become visible and make a huge difference to lift your spirit! Love you guys!

Aimee said...

That's GREAT! I know so many people looking for work right now so what a great blessing for your family.

Tiffany said...

The light ALWAYS comes and I'm sooooo happy to see it shining on your family today!! WaHOOOO!! Guys hold their feelings in so much more than us gals do. It is so difficult for a man to see his dreams go down the drain and the natural response is to feel like a failure, but that's how satan works...dirty little buggar!! In reality Rich has been a HUGE success by honoring his Priesthood and serving his family!!! A job does not define who we are--its just a paycheck. (although those are kind of nice to be getting again) What an amazing man--he's got a pretty dang special wife too! Hope you can feel some weight off your shoulders tonight!!