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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here we go again

Shayla had so much fun as an 8th grade officer that she has decided to run again for the 2010/2011 school year. But this time she is going for the big guns....S.B.O! I am so proud of her, she is such a go~getter type of girl. It is much more work this year. She has to do a video and give a speech. The speech part has her nervous, but I know she will do a great job.
Her theme is around I-pods. Things like "Shayla will "ROCK" as your SBO" and "Whatever you GENRE, Shayla is the best choice." "PLAY LIST from A-Z but S for Shayla is the place to be" I forgot to take pictures of her posters before we had to hang them. :(
There is only 5 students running for SBO, so there is no need for Primary elections. Posters went up yesterday. Video due next Wed, and nominating assembly will be next Friday! That is where students will watch her video, and she will give her speech.


Hess Family said...

She has our votes! Good Luck Shayla!

Stonez said...

She's got my vote!!

afacer said...

Good luck Shayla! Glad you're enjoying it! :)