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Monday, March 22, 2010

22 on the 22nd

March 22nd 1988

Happy Anniversary to us! Twenty two years ago, Rich and I were married. No longer do we have matching dishes, and our towels are frayed, pans are black from use, and we are in need of some home repairs, and yet I would not have it any other way, they all are a part of the story of our lives.
We met when he came to work at the bank I was working at. I was assigned to train him. That is when my heart first got all fluttery! That was in August 1987, right after he had returned from his mission. We flirted and chatted everyday at work. On October 2nd 1987, we went on our first date. Then... hold your breath, on October 19th-(17 DAYS LATER) Rich proposed, and I said yes! Crazy huh?! I use to love that story, but now I worry my kids might use that against me! I would freak if they came to me with that announcement. (Bless our parents) One of the greatest evidences Heavenly Father knows and loves me, is that he put Rich into my path. I am so blessed to have met and marry my best friend! We have had our ups and downs, but mostly ups! He is an awesome husband and dad, I am so grateful to have him in my life.
With our little unemployment spell, we are pretty broke~ so we didn't get to have much of a celebration. But that's okay... that isn't what it's all about. (at least that is what I am telling myself anyway, cause secretly I would love to be on a beach sippin a pina colada!) Although, I am very thankful to be in my home, surrounded by my kiddos, with a hubby that loves me lots, and our healthy bodies~ True happiness :)

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Sarah said...

Look at you two!! (In the words of Garrett T. Burke "You Hotties!!")

Congrats on 22 years! What an accomplishment! Don't you think that we do it all wrong....? Showers should be given around this time again, shouldn't they? How nice would that be!!