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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Little miss Shayla was playing softball in gym class, slipped on the mud, landed on her wrist weird, and the result... a fractured wrist! She did not think it was broken, and so we waited a day or so. Shayla is not a fan of going to the Dr. so when she told me we better go get it checked, I knew she must be hurting. She was mostly disappointed because she had her final dance comp this weekend. It was in Provo, so we went down Friday night to stay the night. Unfortunately we were not smart enough to get the waterproof kind. We tried to wrap it so she could swim but it didn't work. A few changes were made in her dances, but she danced like a pro!! She did not let it stop her one bit, she was a team player for sure.


Stonez said...

The show must go ON!
Way to go girl! but bummer is right

Sarah said...

That really stinks! Why is it that things like this always happen before something major?!! Way-to-go Shayla for sticking it out anyway!

Tiffany said...

You couldn't have said it any better...it is a "bummer"....especially going into summer!! She is such a trooper though!! Brinley says "hi".

Kristi said...

bummer indeed! That's a cute little face!