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Saturday, May 30, 2009

TJ will be part of the 1st graduating class of Syracuse High School 2009! We have been very happy with the new High School, and as TJ leaves, Mckena enters. It is so hard for me to believe that Mckena is going to High School. Ahhh, what is happening, can't we slow this process down a little? But she is going to have a fun, but busy year. She made the DANCE LINE! There were 38 girls that tried out and 24 made it, Mckena being one of those 24! But that means there were 14 let down girls... some of those being Mckena's friends, so it was bittersweet.
We are so proud of Mckena, she has really been working for years to accomplish this. She even passed up trying out for cheer, as to not risk falling behind on her dance technique. The unexpected news was that the coaches also chose her to be the Sophomore officer! We are not 100% sure what that means or entails yet, but we feel it a compliment and I know she will do her best with her responsibilities.
We are also so proud of our graduate TJ, I think he is actually going to pull it off! phew! He kept telling me, "Mom, don't worry, I am going to graduate!" Well, he was right.
Sorry to beam a little, but I am a proud parent. Way to go kids... I love you :)


Stonez said...

Way to go Franklins!! That's so awesome for Mckena and the danceline! How fun!! She is going to have a blast...Courtney did the same thing with cheer--you can tell the dancers who cheer. Some can swing it but it shows for the most part!
Congrats TJ!

Sarah said...

That is awesome that McKena was chosen to be the captain! So exciting and will make High School so fun! Have fun at Graduation this week....how neat to be the first graduating class! Congrats.....I hope my kids turn out as wonderful as yours!

Tiffany said...

"Beam" away!! You have every right to be a proud and happy mama right now!! Our poor little kiddies have so many "hard" times that it make the "great" times so worth celebrating!!!