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Monday, May 18, 2009

TJ the Grad

TJ gradutated from Seminary last night! yipee! What a proud moment. I did not take my camera though, ugh I was not thinking. Although my friend took a fews pics for me after. So when I get those I will share, for he always tries to make a fashion statement.
He is so anxious to graduate from school now. Just a few more weeks bud, hang in there!
These are his Senior Pictures... I tried to be frugal and took them myself. They are not the best, but not bad for the price. (FREE) I printed some in black and white too, these are some of my favs.
In a way it is our first child to graduate, we were not able to go through all the "normal" steps with Chelsea's graduation. But it also brings back memories of all the nice things that were done in order for Chelsea to graduate, and honor all her hard 11 years of excellent grades and citizenship to recieve a diploma!


Sarah said...

Congrats TJ! Now on to bigger, greater things! Here's a shameless plug for that handsome mission prep. leader of your's......and you also never know when his wife will show up with goodies.....!!! Best of luck as you plan for the future! Congrats on Seminary Graduation also!

Tiffany said...

Wow what a handsome kid!!! You did a great job on those pix...way to go! Graduations always make me laugh and cry....kinda like weddings :)

Brett and Megan said...

Wow Wend you did a good job! TJ is such a cute kid. I linked your blog to mine finally, YAY! It was so good to hang out with ya at the salon. Love ya Wendy!!!

Kristi said...

Good job, photographer! ;) He is a handsome kid... congratulations, TJ!