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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Just humor me with this one!
For Mothers Day I asked for a garden. The kids thought I was crazy and kept asking me what I really wanted, and I kept saying, "A garden!" We have a great area for one, but had a really bad experience with our first attempt at a garden in our first home. You see, we had an expert gardener that lived next door, so we just thought, we will do what he does. (duh?) So we planted a HUGE garden. Bad idea! He was retired, and that was his full time hobby. We were young with 4 kids under the age of 8, inexperienced gardeners, and trying to put in a yard in at the same time. (excuses, excuses) None the less, our garden looked nothing like his! Weeds quickly took over, tomatoes cages tipped, plants died... it was a sad sight!
Throughout the years I have wanted one, but was always brought back to that memory. Although lately , there has been more counsel to grow and harvest a garden, and at our Stake Conference, there was an exceptionally motivational speaker, that made up my mind! I turned to Rich and said.. "This is the year, we are going to plant a garden again!" He kind of looked at me like, "really?, have you seen what the area looks like? That a lot of work!"
But being the wonderful husband that he is, he rounded up the kids and we went to work. The Saturday before Mothers Day, we weeded, tilled, pulled out rocks, garbage, etc and planted a garden. :)It has been so rewarding to care for, and watch our little plants grow. (we did some research this time and learned a few things, amazing what you can do when it is done right) We have enjoyed some zucchini, peas (fresh out of the pod) and a few cukes. Saturday when I came in with the biggest bounty of our harvest yet, I said to the kids, "Now is that a great gift or what?" They still think I am a little weird about my excitement over the garden, especially when they saw me taking a picture of my veggies!Of course, there were no laughs as they enjoyed the first batch of fresh salsa! Huh kiddos, where are the jokes now? I should have placed it in a prettier bowl for the pic, but hey, it was going fast.
So, there ya go. We in no way claim to be experts, but I am thrilled with the garden that was given to me for Mothers Day!


Kristi said...

happy gardening! I love it! It really is so rewarding to plant a garden, hard to explain until you have experienced it yourself... right?

Your salsa looks delish!

aunt jan said...

Bravo for you! Now, the "gift that keeps on giving" could be ramped up a bit.... Grow an extra huge zucchini, leave it on someone's doorstep with instructions to sign their name on it and then pass it on. How many people would be overjoyed at this gift?!!

Aimee said...

We grow a little garden every year (check out my last post) and we love it. Jim trys to plant something new each year and I try to thnik of something new to do with the tomatoes each year. It is fun to try new things!

Sarah said...

Look at you "Reaping" the benefits! I am going to take a little credit for your garden....for it was I, with the Long old phone conversation that got you through the weeding!! :) Congrats! Your harvest looks incredible! (I changed my mind, you're now in charge of bringing the Motrin and the Salsa!!) See you in 3!!! Can't wait!

veronica said...

Your garden looks great and the salsa looks yummy!

Tiffany said...

It's beautiful! You might actually inspire me to try the garden thing again next year...we don't have a green thumb gene in our house!

Cline Family said...

I love gardening! We have done one every year since we bought our house 17 years ago. There is not much that is as rewarding, when you start to see your efforts producing! We tried artichokes this year, and on Saturday we noticed 2 that will be ready in a few weeks!!! I took pictures and texted them to everyone I knew! Silly me! So you're not the only one that takes pictures of vegies!