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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls Camp 09

I feel so lucky to be in the Young Women with my girls! I was able to go with Chelsea for all 4 yrs of girls camp, and have been with Mckena and Shayla for 2 yrs. I love sharing that time with them. And thankfully the feeling is mutual (they even said so!)
I love the YW in our ward, we have a bunch of great girls. I enjoy and learn so much from the ladies I serve with, they are wonderful! Not too mention being there with my mom too. Not very often you get 3 generations at a girls camp together.
This years theme was "The Road to Virtue." It was a great camp with all the important ingredients.
It is nice to be home though, in the comforts of my bed, and not having to worry about wildlife creatures. We saw a deer, 4 snakes, smelt a skunk, and heard raccoons!
The guys did the typical guy thing at home, ordered pizza, watched movies, and went to work! Luv ya boys :) Thanks for holding the fort down and especially for letting us come home to a clean house. Now that is support :)

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Sarah said...

So glad you made it home safe and had a great time! Nothing better than girls camp! Speaking of which.....we are for sure planning our "Girls Camp" for the 14-15. Still okay? I'll get with you in the next couple of days! Happy Camp '09 to you!