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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick update

Mckena and I took a trip with the Danceline to California! It was a lot of fun, quick, but fun! It was not a competition trip, just a fun trip. We left Thurs morning, and when we arrived, the girls got to go to a dance workshop. They loved it! Then Friday we went to Universal Studios. Saturday we went to the fashion district for some shopping, then Sunday we just relaxed out at the pool in the 80 degree weather before our flight left at 8:00 pm. It was soooo nice. I loved spending time with Kena boo.

Unfortunately while I was gone, I had to miss some of the "going ons" at home. On Friday, Shayla gave her speech and video for office. Friday after school they announced the winners. And... she did it again! Shayla is the 2nd Vice for SBO ~So proud of her. Saturday was also Shayla's first dance comp of the year. She had a great time, and her team danced well. They took three 2nd places. I hated not being there for her. Also, Sunday Rich spoke in church, and we had a friend farewell that day too!
I needed two of myself that weekend!


Sarah said...

I hate it when all the good stuff lands on the same weekend. Never fails to happen either! Congrats to Shayla! So, So, exciting! Extremely jealous of your 80 degree weathered trip....especially surrounded by the snow!! :)

Stonez said...

How cute are you two??? Sisters!