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Thursday, April 22, 2010

19 on the 19th!

This year was TJ's lucky birthday! Turning the big 1-9 on April 19th!! We had a fun day~ it went something like this:
TJ is a huge fan of breakfast, so we started the day off at I~hop (his choice)
We then went birthday shopping. This is an area where he does not take after his dad. TJ loves to shop. But unlike the girls, who take FOREVER deciding what they want, TJ already has the color, size, store, price, etc down. He has quite the shoe fetish, so that was the first stop, Zumies. He had done his bargain shopping, because he knows we only give a certain amount for birthdays, and the shoes would have practically eaten the whole budget. So he did a price match on -line and saved himself (or I should say me, $45.00!) He then picked out some summer shorts and 2 shirts and a cover for his phone. For dinner he requested homemade Alfredo Pizza ... (so yummy and fattening!) He didn't want a cake, or even ice~cream. So non- traditional huh? Shayla's comment, "Well what about the rest of us?"
He also wouldn't let me take any pictures of him because he knew it would end up on, as he refers to it, "the stupid blog!" So we had to settle for pictures of the "stuff." ( Notice how he goes for the subtle not stand out look in his wardrobe. haha)
Happy Birthday TJ! I love you, and loved spending the day with you. You have always been a bit of a mamma's boy, despite my nagging, harassment, and mothering I do! It's all out of love.


afacer said...

Too funny that he wouldn't let you take his picture! :) Sounds like a wonderful 19th birthday!

Aimee said...

He really likes plaid!

Cline Family said...

Alfredo Pizza?? Recipe please!!!

Hess Family said...

Hey yeah, we need that Alfredo Pizza recipe too!!!! Kenlee says Happy Birthday to her "big brother!"