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Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th ~ A special day

Typically the date of a loved one passing, is difficult and sad, filled with different thoughts and emotions. Although this date could do this for me, it doesn't so much. I guess because I know it is the day heaven got a little brighter, it's the day our family received our own guardian angel, it's a day that reminds me Families are Forever! It is also the day (one year later) that Chelsea received the blessings of the Temple. That was such a sacred and special thing for us to be able to do together as mother and daughter. I will never forget that!
My dear friend Jan Hicken, sent me a message on Chelsea's birthday. I loved it so much, and wanted to share it with you too. Jan would come sit with Chels on Thursdays so that I could go to the Temple. Her niece compiled a family faith book where everyone contributed an experience. This was Jan's contribution:
One of my favorite things to do with Chelsea was to read her Seminary assignments together. One March day when the early spring sun was shining, I wheeled Chelsea onto the patio so we could sit in the warmth. We read from the Seminary manual and accompanying scriptures. One scripture talked about sanctification. I asked Chels if she knew what that meant. She shook her head “no.” I then asked, “Chels, is what you wear important to you?” No. “Do you really care what your hair looks like?” No. “Is going to the next school dance something that occupies your mind?” No. Now, Chelsea was a very pretty girl and had been vivacious and very social. Things important to a teenage girl had been important to her. And I explained to her that those things were not wrong. But I told her that sanctification is the process by which we come out of the world, when our priorities become centered on the Savior and what He wants us to become. It is to become clean, pure and holy.
Over the weeks and months that I spent time with Chelsea, I could discern a change in her very nature. She had always been a good person with a testimony of the gospel. But she made the choice to become better, to be purified and sanctified by this most difficult of trials. She had had almost everything taken from her: the ability to speak, to move, dance, laugh, dress herself, eat, text on her phone, drive a car, go on dates, and every other normal thing a teen wants to do. And yet she made a choice to love the Lord and trust in Him no matter what. I could see the light of testimony and faith in her eyes. She knew the Lord. She was at peace. And I could always feel the Spirit while in her presence.
After 14 months of trial and testing, Chelsea passed away. I will always think on her with great love and admiration. She taught me how to face the unknown with total trust in the Lord. I once shared with her a quote by Elder Richard G. Scott and it remains a favorite: “Your joy in life depends upon your trust in Heavenly Father and His Holy Son Jesus Christ.” That is the key to all happiness in this life and the life to come.
Thank you Chelsea~ for setting this example! I love you. Thank you Jan~ for always teaching me!


Sarah said...

I love that story! Love it! I feel so blessed to have been in her presence, even if it was only just a few times. She taught so much just by being around her. Amazing young woman for sure. Incredible how she still has the ability to touch us all.

Kristi said...

What an angel-girl. That story is so tender.

Ash said...

That is awesome, thanks for sharing that with us, love you guys :)