"Family ties are bound by love"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Announcing the Arrival of the Queen

The Queen of Wales that is. For today's destination is Wales Wednesday, and I am Queen Wendy!! The Royal family awoke and was knighted and crowned. We had crumpets and tea (bagels and OJ) for breakfast in the beautiful (hand drawn on cardboard) palace kitchen.
Our activity was to play a round of cricket (croquet) on the grounds outside, but the weather did not permit it. So we went to the cinema and saw an American film. (Witch Mountain)
Our manners were put to the test as we had an etiquette dinner using our finest china, silverware, and crystal. We have some work to do!! Especially Prince TJ !
The message of the day is that we are of a noble birthright, our nature is Divine..... and we can be a family for eternity. That is something to cherish and work for.


afacer said...

I am so loving reading all your fun updates! I think this will totally get a you a mom of the year award... and not the kind you get for letting your kid drink fermented apple juice. ;)

veronica said...

You are seriously the best mom ever!