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Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Memory of Chelsea Franklin

Rough week I know, but bare with us as we get through it... sharing thoughts and pictures.

Today is Chelsea's angel day, at least that is what we like to call it. Oh how we miss this girl of ours! How we wish we could here her voice, laugh with her, watch her dance, help her with homework and continue to watch her grow, but for now, we are temporarily separated.
So we do our best to press on and continue with faith, knowing she must be happy, working hard, having an amazing perspective on things and praying on our behalf as well. I have thought what would she tell us is of most importance if she could come back for just 5 minutes? I think we know..... we all know what is most important. Be your best, be kind, stand as a witness, be like the Savior!
Although that is not always easy, we must try!
People ask me if I feel her, or dream about her. I don't dream about her at night, but she is never far from my thoughts throughout the whole day! And I can really feel her with me when I go to the Temple. Special things have happened to me when I am there, and so selfishly, I go a lot to be with her.
Last year on this day, I went through the Temple for her. What an amazing experience that was. The kids did baptisms, and friends and family joined us on that special day. Tonight, Rich and I will go and embrace the sacredness of Eternal Families. What an incredible gift, and one that we will work to obtain.. for Chelsea, our Light on a Hill, is waiting for us.

They say a picture says a thousand words. So true!
Till we meet again Chelsea, our hearts and minds are with you. We love you forever and always.


afacer said...

I opened your blog and saw the picture of Chelsea in white and for a moment thought I was looking beyond the veil - what a beautiful angel! And what a beautiful tribute... may peace be yours today and always!

Sarah said...

Oh Wendy, and family....my heart goes out to you today, as I fight back the tears. I know all too well, the pain that accompanies days such as these. Just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers today. I know a few of us have shared this with you, but in case you forgot, I thought I'd remind you about that sacred moment when we as a Stake YW's Presidency were visiting in your ward and Chelsea was brought in towards the end of the lesson. President Hansen asked Chelsea if there was anything she could share with the YW, what it would be. She immediately signed the word, "Temple." That was all that needed to be taught that day. The spirit that came through the door when she entered the room and especially when she shared that message, taught all of us more that day than any of us could ever hope to share. What an incredible example she is, and what an honor it was to be in her presence. She is one of the Lord's most choice - how blessed the spirits in heaven are to learn from her. May you have peace and comfort this day as you reflect on her beautiful life. Wendy, I have the utmost love and respect for you, and just wanted you to know that today.

Stonez said...

You touched my heart Wendy...such a beautiful picture of Chelsea and I'm glad you have that cute, recent family picture with Chelsea in it. You're such a good example & are one heck of an inspiring lady!! I'm glad I know you!!
You're definitely not far from my thoughts♥

Kristi said...

tears, tears, tears...

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your night at the temple. xo

Ash said...

That was beautiful, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us today!

Kathryn Marie said...

I have thought about Chels all day! I miss her so much, thank you for your beautiful words. We are so lucky to have the knowledge of eternal families! What a blessing!!! I hope you know your family is always in my thoughts and prayers! I love you guys!

awindowsillview said...

Wendy...wow, I can feel of your testimony just by reading your words. I cannot help but cry when I think about the strength you and your family show forth. When I saw you the other day and mentioned I didn't know Chelsea and you said that I had missed out...I thought about that a lot on the way home. It's so true, because I know you and your cute Mckena and you are so easy to love, so I know Chelsea would have been the same - I did miss out! Your strength amazes me...and your kindness is so genuine. Thanks for all you guys do for Ashlyn - she loves you and Mckena!

Jan said...

Hello Franklin Family,
Just want you to know you have been in my thoughts.
Love you all - Jan Sisneros

Tiffany said...

Wow, this post could NOT have been easy to write, but thank you soooo much for writing it anyway. Your tender feelings just poured into my heart as I read these words and then when I saw the agony in your face in the last pic....words can't express....in my opinion, this trial you have been called to endure is the hardest trial anyone could face in this life...the trial of temporary separation too darn early. Thank you for your example and your strength. You make me feel that I can overcome my own trials and that is such a gift you've given me.