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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fiesta Friday!

"Hola!" You were all sure today would be France Friday didn't ya? Well so did the kids, but nope! I had more stuff from Mexico, than France and Mexican food is one of our favorites. But since I already used up Monday on Maui, I did a twist on words and made it work.
Woke the kids up wearing my sombrero and poncho. (TJ actually laughed when waking up rather than growling like he usually does.) We enjoyed some breakfast burritos. So delish. Later we went to the market to do some bargain shopping. (The girls and I) Got 20 t-shirts for 5 pesos (kidding...got 2 for 20) and of course Nachos for lunch. That is about the extent of our fiesta because then it became a typical Friday evening... friends friends and weekend play. That is the beauty of really going on vacation.. I get them to myself. It is hard to let go.Teenagers have their own ideas of fun and plans, and so I let them go.
I thought at first I was doing this faux vacation for them, but I realized last night it was probably for me a way to keep them close to home and together. Trying to create home as a haven.
So our vacation has come to an end. It was fun, but I would totally opt for the real thing. Although I think the total cost of our world travel this week was under $49.99. Not bad!! "Adios"


Tiffany said...

You are my hero!!!

veronica said...

Glad to have you back from all your travels! ;)

Cline Family said...

You are truly an inspiration!!! What a fun week you had traveling the world! You should be a travel agent, 5 destinations for less than $50! Amazing!!!