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Friday, April 3, 2009

Spiritual Preparation

Conference weekend~
L- O- V- E, LOVE IT! Not only do we get to watch conference from home, eating snacks, being comfy and playing our conference games.. but we get to be spiritually fed as well!

When the kids were little, we would play games to try to help them listen. We have been playing Conference Bingo for years now. But this year, we are going to try something new.
The kids get points and credit in Seminary for listening and taking notes, so I thought it would be fun to try to guess the Titles of the talks. We won't know who wins, or who is closest until the Ensign Conference issue comes out, but then it will be another chance to review what we heard at Conference. As the kids continue to grow physically, I want them to grow spiritually as well.
Unfortunately, this life brings challenges, but I believe that the more prepared we are, the stronger we will be, and our faith can be strengthened rather than weakened. But it must be strong because it will be tested! Three years ago, I remember as we sat in Chelsea's hospital room, trying to watch conference. It wasn't the same. We were being tested. I want to pass the test along with my family and those I love, so we will try to do out part, by listening to Latter Day prophets, and the counsel they have for us, and then apply that teaching!!

What a blessing~


Sarah said...

I too love conference time! (And not just cause I get to sleep in....and don't have to teach a lesson!) Hope you have a wonderful weekend with family!!

Tiffany said...

Very beautifully said. Thank you!