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Friday, April 10, 2009

Thailand Thusday

I have to admit this one was a stretch, and my creative juices are drying up!! Not to mention, I could not find as much info on the Internet about Thailand. Anyway here is our day:
The kids woke up to me greeting them Thailand style which is palms together, bowing and saying "Wai" (They really think I'm loosing it at this point) Pancakes for breakfast..( just because it sounded good to them), Ramen noodles for lunch (very typical at our house)but then for dinner we had Lettuce Wraps. We sat on the floor with a very Asian decorated coffee table as our dinner table. We talked about some of the customs and traditions, and decided we are grateful to live where we do. For the activity.. I was going to have us all do some Tai Chi (is that even from Thailand ?) because it sounded good, but no one was on board with me. Hmm go figure :)

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afacer said...

I was actually guessing Thailand for Thursday... still sounds like you guys had some fun.